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Wuxi Liyun Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.
The company is located on the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake --- Wuxi. Our company mainly produces high-precision cold-drawn seamless tubes, honing tubes, scraping and rolling tubes, precision slender shafts (piston rods) and mechanical processing and manufacturing. The annual output Up to 30,000 tons.Products are widely used in engineering machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery and other fields.The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, absorbs advanced science and technology and production management experience, has owned technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, and has a complete set of CNC processing machinery and equipment, CNC scraping and rolling machine tools, and steel pipe cold-drawing production lines., to provide a full range of product services and personalized solutions for different customer needs.

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business philosophy

Provide the industry with the most advanced and comprehensive product solutions, provide customers with the best service, and achieve common development with customers

Our Mission

Promote the development of China's hydraulic machinery industry, continue to create and provide high-quality hydraulic machinery parts

corporate vision

Become the world's top supplier of hydraulic machinery parts

Application field and business scope

Products and solutions are widely used in military industry, aerospace, ships, drilling platforms, construction machinery, rail vehicles, nuclear power and wind power, metallurgical industry, petrochemical and other industries.The business covers Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Hubei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Xinjiang and other parts of the country.Exported to 26+ countries around the world.
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Wuxi Liyun Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.
Professional hydraulic parts supplier
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